Potter County judge vacates order that favored Lycoming County controller

Potter County Senior Judge John B. Leete, presiding in the legal dispute between Lycoming County Controller Krista Rogers and the county’s commissioners, vacated his July order that favored Controller Krista B. Rogers this week, according to PennLive.com.

The effect of the order is to leave the general ledger, payroll and other accounting functions with the Office of Budget and Finance under the authority of the commissioners, along with four employees, PennLive.com said.

The dispute over the responsibilities and employees dates back to the spring of 2021. In early April of that year the Sun-Gazette reported that the commissioners, citing problems with financial oversight, voted to transfer the employees to the Office of Budget and Finance. Rogers countered that the move violated county code and the independent role of the controller’s office as a check and balance in county government.

Three days later the commissioners elaborated to the Sun-Gazette their belief that mistakes were costing taxpayers thousands of dollars and efforts to correct underlying issues had been unsuccessful.

Rogers disputed their account of how the issue had transpired.

“They say they want to work with me but it’s only on their terms,” Rogers told the Sun-Gazette for its April 17, 2021, edition.

Since then, the disagreement has been mired in legal action and lawsuits.


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