Real estate transactions

The Sun-Gazette temporarily discontinued publishing real estate transactions in February. We recently resumed publishing transactions again and today publish transactions from late April and early May.


George E. Baier to Andrew J. and Hunter M. Button, $230,000, 6690 Route 654


Curt L. and Dianne Walbarn to Eric D. and Susan V. Baker, $280,000, 18 Naval Run Road

Pine Creek Family Cabin LLC to Greater Good Pine Creek LLC, $325,000, 15488 Route 414


Kaydee K. and Chris E. Miller and Shawn H. and Trudy L. Taylor to John E. Rodgers, $194,900, 635 Saegers Station Road


Lonny Hall to Noah M. and Catherine A. Douglass, $285,000, Steam Valley Road


David E. and Phyllis S. Michael to Judd and Lindsay Lorson, $195,000, 18 Third St.

Connie L. Bailey to Campfire Stories LLC, $325,000, 109 West Lane


Rachel Walters, Eloise Keithan, LuAnn Fry and Russell Brown as co-executors for the Waldron C. Brown estate to Renee A. Deck, $182,000, 2570 Euclid Ave.


Larry V. and Nancy R. DiFiore to Andrew J. and Katharine L. Girio, $460,000, 976 Yeagle Road

Orrin H. and Sandra K. Thomas to Ertel Associates Inc., $900,000, 582 Mosteller Road


Mara M. and Ronald S. Mundrick Jr. to Lisa R. Klees, $285,000, 688 Ruben Kehrer Road


Raymond W. and Joyce Danneker to Cody Spiegel, $1,000, Turkey Trot Path


Restoration Church of Jersey Shore Inc. to Rebecca M. Englert and Travis C. Anderson, $171,550, 122 Howard St.

Carol J. Schurer to James S. Arnold, $170,000, 135 Spruce St.

Broken Antler Holdings LLC to Richard and Kelli Boehmer, $80,000, 618 Seminary St.

Linda A. and Eugene A. Lundfelt Jr. and Angelina L. and Larry Missigman Jr. to Gregory E. and Sonia J. Gummo, $135,000, 221 Wylie St.

Marie E. and Robert H. Fox Jr. and Jeffrey S. and Danielle B. Miller to Erin M. Hubbard, $205,000, 405 S. Main St.

June E. Schleiff to C. Richard Miller, $135,000, 359/361 Locust St.

Scott A. Boring to Adam C. Wentzel, $130,000, 109 Wylie St.

Marie A. Snyder to John A., Barbara J. and Waylon J. Quiggle, $68,700, 1114 Allegheny St.

Nicholas L. and Laura E. DeCapria to Nathaniel J. and Lauren B. Crouch, $149,500, 303 Smith St.


Candy K. and John F. Ringler Jr. to Gregory and Karen Brown, $55,000, Ringler Road


Morris Z. and Rebecca E. Stoltzfus to Enos B. and Mary G. Stoltzfus, $380,000, 2045 Quarry Road

Kristen M. Yearick to Dennis D. and Brenda J. Malenfant, $315,000, 103 Marble Lane


William J. and Mary E. Miele to Elizabeth Belz, $170,000, 2511 Four Mile Drive

Kristen K. Wright-Weaver and Chad E. Weaver to J. Savoy Realty Co. Inc., $165,000, 2438 Ritchey St.

Christopher J. Waltz to Joshua D. and Ashley E. Day, $315,000, 1150 Mount Royal Heights

Kevin P. Kinkead and Sue E. Wolfe to Sharon E. Morriss and Scharmen R. Confer, $435,000, 1776 McConnell Drive

Kendra Y. and William H. Dayton III to Cody R. Couch and Abbie J. Hall, $200,000, 330 Clayton Ave.

Louise J. Haymes to Kendra Y. and William H. Dayton III, $360,000, 1720 McConnell Drive

Todd W. and Michelene M. Golden to Maria J. Gerardi and Louis J. Cappello, $352,200, 2030 Konkle Road

Thomas J. and Suzanne E. Byrne to Mark D. and Lorna M. Zajack, $259,900, 1441 Faxon Parkway

Ann L. Kuntz to Stephanie L. Mostowy, $245,000, 1435 Lafayette Parkway

Judith L., Lora and Robert G. Gimbal II to Victor E. Wright and Kristine M. Rainey, $185,000, 1370 Westminster Drive

Daniel P. Asiello as executor for the Albert J. Asiello Sr. estate to Chad E. Weaver and Kristen K. Wright-Weaver, $277,000, 2066 Lincoln Drive

Keith A. and Donna M. Aumiller to Joshua and Miranda J. Gilbert, $215,000, 340 Tinsman Ave.

Thomas E. Logue and Elizabeth Freund to Tyler R. Jeffreys and MacKenzie J. Rodarmel, $231,000, 1430 Warren Ave.

Nathan W. and Teresa M. Persun to Alberto Echeverria Bonilla and Xenia M. Valdez Reyes, $230,000, 2080 Sheridan St.

Richard T. Battegal and Casey Yossa to Mark P. and Barbara L. Wilber, $535,000, 1708 Thomas Road


J and C Associates of Lewisburg LLC, to Jerrica Mull, $125,000, 41 Broad St.


Thomas J. and Cassidy L. Mayo to Dianna M. Saiers, $218,000, 1084 Elm St.


Mark C. Szybist as executor for the Charles A. Szybist estate and Sharon L. Fine as executrix for the Martin M. Fine estate to John Z. Fry and Avery Eddy, $10,000, West Penn Street

Anthony L. Tyrrell both as executor for the Kenneth R. Tyrrell estate and on his own behalf, Sara Tyrrell and Dawn and Charles Nickles to Corey R. Breneisen, $85,000, 55 Green St.


WC Whatever LLC to Fire Lion Rentals LLC, $450,000, 2 Tyler Road


Richard A. and Mary Pewterbaugh to Amy E. Phillips, $1,000, 277 Route 220

Gary W. and Linda K. Jones and John Keene to Aaron C. Mulusky and Maurie M. Babyar, $70,000, Route 220


Caroline R. Legge to Renee Roupp, $189,320 1412 Princeton Ave.

Joshua Wrench to Alicia M. Miller to Steven C. DeMarco, $127,700, 613 Grimesville Road

American Rescue Workers Inc. to Wesley F. and Crystal A. Matthews, $5,000, Grininger Road

Lock-Cuff Inc. to Shawn R. and Heidi A. Samsel, $75,000, 2350 Wheatland Ave.


Saratoga Partners to Morgan E. and Michael E. Giles Jr., $170,000, 22 Springhouse Road


Linda Eisner and Deborah Herbst as executrices for the Donald R. Eisner Sr. estate to William L. Eisner Jr., $25,000, Bouganville Road


Pine Hunting and Fishing Club Inc. to English Center Community Association, $55,000, 22 English Run Road



Ellen Y. Hoch to Brian E. Roughton, $163,000, 126 Turkey Farm Road


Woodlands Bank as executor for the Walter R. Gallagher estate to Bryan E. and Aubrey D. Temple, $150,000, 602 S. Broad St.

Philip C. Snook and Craig Derr to Linda E. and Neil F. Dunkle Jr., $360,000, 170 Beech St.

Chad M. and Michelle L. Bechdel to Raymond H. Stahl III, $170,000, 36 Hill St.


Stephanie L. Mostowy to Eric E. and Cheryl A. Palski, $300,000, 9320 Route 973

Shawn M., Helayne, Stephen M. and Nina Ross to Alan B. and Diane C. Christian, $310,000, 4277 Route 287


Glen S. Watkins to Dennis D. and Kathleen D. Hazlak, $3,607.20, 2816 Roaring Run Road

Pauline E. Poper to Dennis D. and Kathleen D. Hazlak, $130,000, 1248 Pine Tree Road


Derek B. Walters to Jeremy W. and Gabrielle D. Tock, $240,000, 513 Fairmont Ave.

Eric M. and Stacy R. Barr to William Robson, $343,000, 1501 W. Mountain Ave.

3C Properties LLC to Jean E. Lenios, $29,000, 216 Beech St.

James L. Steppe to Jonathan L. and Elizabeth M. Steppe, $158,000, 336 Kane St.

Ryan P. and Kelsey A. Hecknauer to George E. Baier, $225,000, 1304 W. Mountain Ave.

Donna L. and Herschel G. Thomas III to Holley R. Fuller, $230,000, 430 W. Highland Ave.

Benjamin H. and Gabrielle M. Eischeid to Michael, Diane D. and Matthew J. Stanzione, $230,000, 201 W. Sixth Ave.


Duane L. White as executor for the James H. Carbaugh estate to Bruce A. King, $50,000, 1816 Gap Road

Thomas D. Maneval to Amber H. and Bernard L. Shook Jr., $40,000, 2322 Gap Road

Susie K. Stoltzfus to Samuel K. and Edna M. Stoltzfus, $500,000, 601 Ireland Road/15680 Route 44

Delmar L. and Elaine K. Finck as executors for the Lois Finck estate, Delmar L. Finck on his own behalf and Barry E. Finck to Samuel E. and Susie K. Lapp, $954,000, 126 Finck Road


Ronald A. and Norma J. Aungst to Deborah Morris, $560,000, 231 Valley View Lane


David L. and Sarah R. Craig to Theodore L. Craig, $150,000, 820 High St.

Jo Ann Neidig to Mark D. Neidig, $90,000, 115 Washington Blvd.

Tracy M. Fox as executrix for the Harry W. Fox estate and Robert K. Strauser Jr. to Lyco Storage LLC, $25,000, Rowley Place

National Retail Properties Trust to High Street Enterprises Inc., $1.5 million, 1037 High St.

Penny L. Sines and Shawn R. Buck to Penny L. Sines, $1,000, 721 Lincoln Ave.

Warren E. Hammerstein to Brandon M. and Madalyn S. Dunkleberger, $80,000, 1113 Hadtner Ave.

Kevin C. Borgess and Beth A. Love to Ty E. and Patricia L. Rhinehart, $197,500, 705 Campbell St.

Elam R. and Elizabeth Stoltzfus to Sylvia L. and John K. Lapp Jr., $92,500, 2146 Mosser Ave.

Kristin R., Nicholas L., Anthony R., Julie Ann and Ralph G. Caringi Jr. and Renee M. Matson-Caringi to Jessica J. Kashetta, $189,000, 1415 Elmira St.

Jennifer R. Houseknecht to Courtney E. Bresnak, $110,000, 632 Seventh Ave.

Erin M. Hubbard to Erik Ditty, $160,000, 337 Louisa St.

Jeremy J. and Heather Plocinski to Elm Park LLC, $144,000, 310/314 Grove St.

Jeremy J. and Heather Plocinski to Elm Park LLC, $225,000, 801/805 E. Third St.

Carol A. and Michael R. Speary to Drew M. Kline, $100,000, 1712 Memorial Ave.

Mirabito Properties Inc. to Seven Oaks Properties LLC, $74,000, 762 Grace St.

Amy L. Gray to Mitchell T. Hulyo, $161,000, 1039 Franklin St.

Kelly J. and Carl R. Romano III to William C. and Sherri I. Wise, $55,000, 1118 Dewey Ave.

Jason R. Stilwell to Stephanie A. and Gary R. Litz, $160,900, 365 Jerome Ave.

Uri Portal as executor for the Rachael Portal estate to Rodney Anderson and Deborah Stone Anderson, $88,000, 321 Brandon Ave.

Toboz and Toboz LLC to True Blue Ventures LLC, $115,000, 675 Cemetery St.

Michael J. and Diane D. Stanzione to Willie and Adele Saunders, $131,000, 505 Grier St.

Linda E. and Gene C. Stacer to Janna P. and David C. Olson Jr., $175,000, 616 Poplar St.

Kimberly L. Bunting to Casey M. Murtaugh, $160,500, 311 Jerome Ave.

Naheed LLC to Coconut Housing LLC, $285,000, 727 Hepburn St.

Robert B. and Staci L. Gower to John M. Falcone, $100,000, 839 Clark St.

Melina Golden, Jennifer, Joseph E. and Tiffany M. Eck, Lisa and Steven Fenstermacher and Michelle Croucher to Michael F. and Emilee Croucher, $150,000, 294 Woodward Ave.


Harry E. and Carol J. George to Kyle W. and Martina Zimmerman, $127,000, 119 Sawmill Road


Sylvia J. Wright to Brian J. Eisenhour, $67,000, 303 Front St.

AJ’s Home Improvements LLC to Tera N. Stringfellow and Joshua S. Roupp, $175,000, 47 Jamison St.

Dale E. Miller, Cathay A. Snyder and Penny L. Pfeiffer to Tanner L> and Shawna M. Rudy, $105,000, 29 Reynolds Road

Stopco Realty to Gough Enterprises LLC, $475,000, 610 Antlers Lane


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