County inmate numbers down

The Lycoming County Prison population for male and female inmates decreased slightly between April and May.

Figures released at Friday’s prison board meeting revealed an average of 278.68 male inmates in May and 53.52 females during the month.

Those numbers are down by more than six for males and nearly four for female inmates from April, according to figures.

The May figures represent the lowest inmate populations for any month so far this year.

They include figures for both the prison and the Pre-Release Center.

Warden Brad Shoemaker noted that 20 percent of the inmates in the county prison population are on psychotropic medications.

They include 17.36 percent of inmates in the prison and 26.53 percent of inmates in the Pre-Release Center.

It was noted that prison and bail/release staff participated in firearms training in May.

The next prison board meeting is set for 8:30 a.m. Friday, July 12 at the Lycoming County Courthouse.