Township Supervisors approve 4 new positions at local pool

The Loyalsock Township Supervisors unanimously approved four new positions at the community pool on Northway Road on Tuesday. The positions are three lifeguard positions and one assistant swim team coach position for the remainder of the swim team season.

Carter Hall, Jack Beattie and Talia Lewis were approved as a lifeguard at $7.25 an hour and $7.35 an hour for lessons at the pool. Johanna Spaeter was hired as a swim team coaches for the remainder of the season for $600.

In other community pool business, the hot summer days and the new splash pad have been a “big hit” and the revenue has increased since the beginning of the season, according to Shannon Lukowsky, recreation director of Loyalsock. The increased balance, is at an all-time high of $47,000.

“The pool balance is higher than we’ve seen in any recent year, largely due to the fact that the spray pool (splash pad) is drawing a lot of people to the pool,” said Bill Burdett, township manager. “We haven’t had any major breakdowns. This is just the revenues and expenses for this year. I’ve been here 20 years and it has never been that good, so that is very good news.”

Though the splash pad has been making a mark on the community, there are a few adjustments that need to be done with the chlorinator. Many of the water features on the pad include water sprayers that spray pool water into the air, and the chlorine that is in the water evaporates.

The water in the pool that circulates through the night is at regular chlorine levels but as soon as the features are turned on, the levels tend to decrease, though not below a safe level for swimmers.

“We are trying to get in touch with the designer. We are used to chlorine going in the water and water going in the pool and water staying in the pool,” said Burdett. “When it’s a hot and sunny day and you spray it (water) in the air, it loses a lot of it’s chlorine. It’s hard to adjust. We are not unsafe, but we want a permanent fix.”

In other business, the Loyalsock Volunteer Fire Company is looking to get Assistance to Firefighters grant funding for new gear for volunteers with areas that have been reinforced and upgraded for work measures including the shoulder area, knee pads, around the sleeves and ankles, etc. The new design does not have Loyalsock on it but instead “LVFC 18” in bright orange on the back. The grant money however has not been released yet and they have not received a rejection letter for said money.

Members present: Paul D. Nyman, Marc. C. Sortman, Virginia M. Eaton, John C. Bower, Richard H. Wheeland, Ryan M. Tira

The next Loyalsock Township Supervisors meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Loyalsock Township building at 2501 E. Third St.