Clinton fits definition of unqualified to serve as president

Hillary Clinton as president would be bad for America and bad for Pennsylvania. If that sounds harsh, consider, first, her agenda: • If Clinton has her way with energy policies, her uneven plan would increase electric bills for Pennsylvanians. • Our state is part of the center of the shale drilling industry, which produces huge amounts of cheap natural gas and new supplies of oil. Shale drilling has the potential to free us from dependence on foreign oil. Clinton is on record as desiring severe new limits on shale drilling. That will cost jobs both in drilling and manufacturing. • She wants big new taxes on job creators and middle-class families. • Clinton wants to expand Obamacare. Given recent news of the astronomical rate increases associated with the program and its record of inefficiency, her will to expand Obamacare is emblematic of her big-government-at-all-costs approach to leadership. • Once all in favor of trade deals such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, she now claims to be a champion of protecting U.S. jobs against foreign predators. Need we remind readers that before she and husband Bill went to the White House, they promised to protect the steel industry? • Clinton’s stewardship of foreign policy while Secretary of State from 2009-13 was a disaster. Terrorism in the Middle East exploded, figuratively and literally. She and Obama snubbed our closest ally, Israel, while doing virtually nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. • Americans’ personal liberties, particularly those guaranteed by the Second Amendment, mean nothing to Clinton. More powerful government is her goal. • To pursue it, Clinton actually brags that she will pack the U.S. Supreme Court with ultra-liberal justices who support her policies, not the Constitution. • She speaks of open borders at a time when illegal immigration and refugee infiltration carry great terrorism concerns for the country. • Her candidacy as the first woman of a major political party seeking the presidency should be cause for celebration of social progress. But her record of attempting to ruin the lives of the women her husband has been involved with over the years undercuts her validity as a spokesperson for women’s rights. So too does her foundation’s acceptance of major money from countries that do not recognize the rights of women. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s championing of women seems to include only her defense of partial birth abortion and misguided federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Overarching all of these policy shortcomings is the issue of honesty, integrity and fitness to serve. We don’t have the space to adequately recount Clinton’s lies, slick half-truths and, quite frankly, lawbreaking. Start with her e-mail server behavior, which exposed this country and especially the military personnel who protect it to a world full of enemies. The scope of the recklessness is such that the FBI’s leader felt compelled to resume the investigation of e-mail inpropriety 11 days before the election and the investigation has grown more far-reaching every day since. The grave dangers and political chaos from Clinton’s actions could last for years. Her indiscretions have meant jail time for others who have done less. Only a politicized Justice Department and an in-the-tank major media have allowed Clinton to escape. It’s shameful and sad. Consider the Benghazi tragedy and loss of four brave Americans despite pleas for protection for months. Consider the bald-faced lie Mrs. Clinton told families of the victims, that the attack was inspired by a video. She knew it was radical Islamic terrorism but lied to protect President Obama’s false party line during election season. And consider the revelations of recent weeks through Wikileaks dumps which show a person who, among other things, signed off on use of mentally handicapped people to riot at rallies of Donald Trump so she and boosters could promote a false narrative that the GOP candidate’s people are unhinged – a new low in campaign tactics. Clinton likes to say her opponent is temperamentally unfit for office. While Trump’s crude actions in some instances are unacceptable, Clinton’s record of corruption and misguided ideas over a 30-year period show her to be the definition of unqualified to serve as our nation’s leader.