Vivitrol Court latest initiative in county against opioid crisis

Lycoming County’s court system has done its share of trailblazing in recent years with problem-solving programs.

The court system is trying another precedent-setting initiative that relates to the region’s opioid crisis.

Vivitrol Court is the only one of its kind in the state and provides the drug Vivitrol with structured counseling and supervision to addicts who need it most.

Three people graduated from the court last week and a fourth celebrated one full year of sobriety through working with the program involving the addiction-control drug.

The drug blocks the opioid receptors so a person can’t get high while also reducing cravings to use, according to Lycoming County Judge Marc F. Lovecchio.

The depth of the opioid crisis has families, law enforcement, human services and court personnel looking for that magic bullet that will stem the powerful tide of addiction. It will take time to prove how close Vivitrol is to that bullet.

But officials throughout Pennsylvania are watching Lycoming County’s Vivitrol Court to see whether they should adopt it as a blueprint for their own lifesaving treatment program.

The consciousness about the opioid epidemic reaches to the top levels of our government. President Trump observed the problem in various states, particularly New Hampshire, during his campaign and has made it a priority. Last week, he appointed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to lead a new addiction commission.

Our most fervent hope is that the county’s program, if it proves successful, can be considered part of the national solution.


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