Council correct to evaluate the city’s job descriptions

Williamsport City Council is in the midst of approving an amendment to its ordinances that restructures and specifies the details of various job divisions in city government. The long and short of it is that the ordinance defines what the administrative positions are in city government.

That sounds elementary, but right now there is not a lot of definition in parts of city government. Mayor Gabriel J. Campana is, for instance, serving as Public Safety Director. And John J. Grado, a retired engineer and community and economic development director, served in both those positions prior to his retirement.

But what happens if another mayor is in office?

Council believes there needs to be job descriptions and a defined listing of administrative positions so there are guidelines for hiring in the future.

Mayor Campana has bristled at these changes and even gave council a listing of his qualifications to be public safety director.

We appreciate his viewpoint, this is not about the sitting mayor. It is about having a structure to lean on in the future that makes practical sense. That lack of structure can lead to chaos because each new city leader brings with them particular professional strengths.

City administrative positions should not be a moving target. We doubt a major private firm would decide whether to have a chief financial officer or accounting/auditing department based solely on the qualifications of its CEO.

Council is correct to better define and enumerate job descriptions and structure for city government.


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