Other leaders side with U.S. on expulsion of Russian diplomats

Apparently, leaders of quite a few democratic nations are boorish. At least, that is what Russian officials say.

A few weeks ago, a former Russian double agent who had been working for the West while on Moscow’s payroll was poisoned. Serge Skripal and his adult daughter had been living in England, where someone used nerve gas in an attack on them. Both remain hospitalized.

British leaders, citing the fact the gas in question was developed by Russia, expelled several Russian “diplomats” who actually were undercover spies.

Then the United States expelled 60 Russian diplomats. NATO, Ireland, Australia and Moldova followed suit. A total of 130 Russians have been kicked out of host countries.

Russia labeled the actions “boorish.”

But action by many democratically governed nations is a warning Russian leader Vladimir Putin should heed: We may disagree on much, but when the neighborhood bully flexes his muscles, we react together.


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