NY attorney general points finger at the wrong public figure

New York’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump and his charitable foundation, accusing them of using money illegally to help his businesses and political campaign. Whether the action has any merit remains to be seen.

But while we are thinking of abuses involving charitable foundations, what about Hillary and Bill Clinton? Why did the matter of their foundation and millions of dollars from Russia get swept under the carpet?

What happened is reasonably well known. While Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, her agency had to sign off on a proposed transaction that gave Moscow control of about 20 percent of the uranium in this country. The State Department approved the Uranium One deal.

Uranium One, linked to the Russian Rosatom energy firm, used various methods to funnel $145 million — no, that is not a typographical error — to the Clinton Foundation.

For a time, the Justice Department was investigating Russian operatives’ involvement in the deal. There were allegations of racketeering, bribery and extortion.

Coincidence? Massive donations out of the goodness of Russian officials’ hearts? What do you think?

So yes, by all means, someone should be looking at abuse of charitable foundations — and not just Trump’s.


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