State jobless rate, at 18-year low, says a lot about economy

The latest jobs report from the state Department of Labor and Industry places Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate at 4.1 percent for August, the latest month for which numbers are available.

How good is that unemployment percentage?

It is the lowest jobless rate since 2000 – in other words, the lowest in this century.

A survey of households found Pennsylvania’s civilian labor force grew by 9,000 in August.

The nation’s unemployment rate is 3.9 percent and the state typically lags a bit behind the nation’s averages when it comes to positive economic numbers.

While the payroll numbers dipped slightly, that may have been inevitable, given that July showed a record payroll for Pennsylvania in this century.

As anyone not living under a rock knows, all things are political these days, with the midterm elections looming.

But the two-year trend of the nation’s economy is unmistakable. And it includes Pennsylvania.

There is no requirement that anyone like President Trump.

And, in fact, we even understand what rankles many people.

But those feelings should be kept separate from results, particularly results that benefit regular people.

And the obvious fact is that since Trump came into office, two things have injected life into almost every sector of the nation’s economy. Those are a significant rollback in government-imposed regulations and a tax cut that has benefitted businesses and most individuals.

We should all be happy about that.

And voters examining their ballot choices six weeks from now should look closely at who is supporting the present economic policies and who is bad-mouthing them. You don’t call for fixing something that is working unless the motive is self-serving and political.


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