Solution to shameful caravan chaos is overdue legislation

People in the caravan at the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico, threw rocks at border agents and attempted to breach a fence on Sunday. They were turned away with tear gas as tensions escalated.

So, it turns out reports of an invading caravan of people seeking to overtake the nation’s border were not an election season hoax generated by President Trump. It turns out the caravan was not “weeks and weeks away.”

It turns out – according to informants implanted in the caravan – that most of the members are not women and children and more than 500 of the members have backgrounds to be wary of.

Of course, the image most of the country was fed on Monday was that of a woman and child fleeing the tear gas, a method of disbursement used multiple times during the Obama administration. That is a picture available at any similar situation in Syria and any other of the world’s depressing hot spots.

That woman and child probably are worthy of asylum and the legal immigration system.

What the country needs is an answer for her and a way to separate her from those who want something else, free access into our country for a myriad of wrong purposes.

An orderly process is needed to handle those who want asylum and legal immigration. A total of 1.13 million people became legal immigrants through that process last year.

Without an impassable border wall, the ability to separate those seeking this country for the right reasons and those with other agendas – illegal immigration, drug trafficking, terrorism – is next to impossible.

Ten months ago President Trump offered a legal path to immigration for more than two million DACA residents in the United States.

It was dismissed by the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his lockstep minions. Something similar to that, in addition to a beefed-up processing force for legal immigrants and more support for border patrols, is needed to solve this problem.

The failure by the House and Senate to legislate practical, fair solutions to the immigration situation is producing this unnecessary chaos. And legislating from the benches of a few very misguided appeals courts is sending a message that these accident-waiting-to-happen caravans are the answer.

They are not.

The answer is the same one that most of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents used – a respected and legally supported immigration system.

More caravans are on the way. We need that answer before the next one shows up.


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