Career Pathways can blaze trail to future for some

It’s pretty hard for a person to blaze a successful future without a high school diploma.

But for a variety of reasons, that’s the reality for some people in our region.

A special partnership between Careerlink and Penn State University’s Career Pathways Program is solving a lot of that problem.

Located in the second floor of the Careerlink offices at 329 Pine St. in Williamsport, the program links students with teachers to learn math and language arts skills necessary to pass the exam for a General Equivalency Diploma.

The GED exam can be taken entirely online and the program also offers a pen and pencil test for those not comfortable with the online skills to take the test.

First, however, the students, who vary widely in age, have to complete a variety of courses. It’s a learning path not offered everywhere but one that is completely necessary to those coming to the Career Pathways Program.

As most people know, having the diploma is a difference maker in opportunities for better paying jobs and increased self-esteem.

Everyone in our community deserves the opportunity to be part of the work force and forge whatever career trail best suits them.

But the diploma is often the biggest hurdle to all of that.

All that’s needed is the motivation. If people have that, the Career Pathways Program is there to help them clear that hurdle to opportunity.