Grant important to house domestic violence victims

The YWCA very effectively provides housing for domestic violence victims through its Liberty House program.

But the organization is looking for additional residential units, which probably underscores the depth of the domestic violence crisis in this and other areas.

The Lycoming County Commissioners are seeking a grant to help solve the domestic violence housing shortage.

The sought after $52,475 grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development would come with matching funding from the Lycoming County United Way.

People in need of the housing would remain in the units until they become self-sufficient.

We fervently hope the county is successful in obtaining the grant. The need is obvious and it is critical.

Our more fervent hope is that the trending scourge of domestic violence can somehow be turned around.

It is a real human tragedy that crosses all economic and cultural boundaries.

Domestic violence also is complex in its roots and incredibly difficult to reverse in almost all situations.

Ending the scourge of domestic violence is a long-term dream that requires changing habits that are generational in many cases.

Our entire social services network is more in tune with the issue than ever, but it is a mountainous task to make a long-term dent in the problem.

So our obligation as a community is to provide a system of help for those afflicted by domestic violence. Housing and protection that provides a setting of peace and rehabilitation is an important part of that system.

The YWCA is doing an excellent job in this regard.

A grant to help bolster the temporary housing inventory for domestic violence victims would be most helpful.


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