Broadband access key to region’s future

For most of us, the days of slow- to no-broadband internet access ended long ago.

But in significant portions of Lycoming County and other parts of our region, there is no broadband service.

A recent public meeting to develop strategies for expanding broadband service in our region drew 36 people and plenty of interest from those in attendance.

SEDA-Council of Governments as well as Lycoming, Union, Clinton and Northumberland counties are conducting a broadband survey.

The hope is that the results of the survey will serve as ammunition to help get government and other support for broadband service throughout our region.

The ammunition should be pretty clear. A small business in this era cannot survive effectively without broadband access that serves both customers and the business. And individual lifestyles in this internet age are such that living in an area without broadband access is not desirable.

We hope elected officials who represent our region will push hard to get broadband access throughout our region, an absolute necessity for our businesses to compete on a level playing field, young people to access educational opportunities and residents to experience the same quality of life as most people in 2019.