Life is precious: remembering a giving person


That’s how people are remembering their time with Rhonda McPeak, gunned down in the Newberry section of Williamsport when she stopped at a neighborhood store to buy a snack.

Those who gathered to remember McPeak during a vigil at the site of her death recalled her as a giving person who was known for the love she showed others.

“She’d do anything for anyone at any time of the day,” said one of the many people recalling their interactions with McPeak. “What she had was yours for the asking,” said another.

That should not have included her life. Then, again, the gunman did not ask before shooting. He just took what should have been most precious — the life of a woman who likely would have helped him out had he been in real need.

A celebration

of community


That’s what Antioch Baptist Church has put on each August for the past quarter century.

This year’s annual block party attracted hundreds to the neighborhood of High and Elmira streets.

All backgrounds, assorted faiths and many ethnicities were represented by those who spent a happy evening at the event.

Children bounced on inflatables; free haircuts were offered and everyone was fed. Games were played, entertainment offered and positive vibrations emanated from the grounds.

What a shining example of community — what a perfectly diverse night enjoyed by many.

A positive impression


That’s what we’ve been hearing from visitors here for the annual Little League World Series.

They are finding our people to be friendly and welcoming.

They appreciate our warm, small-town feeling.

And they are very excited to be here.

We thought you should know the positive impression you are making on the world.