South Side softballers: Making biggest stage is lifetime achievement

It’s a long way from South Williamsport to Portland, Oregon.

It’s an even longer road to the quarterfinals of the Little League Softball World Series.

And yet that’s how far the South Williamsport Little League softball team traveled competitively before being eliminated in a 2-0 loss to the host team Monday.

For the players competing in the Little League World Series in South Williamsport this week, making it to the Series is an achievement that lasts a lifetime.

Similarly, making it to Portland stands as a lifetime achievement for the South Williamsport softballers.

If they doubt that, a good reference point for them would be the Newberry Little Leaguers who this year are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their World Series appearance. The results of their appearance have become a mere footnote over time. The achievement of getting to the destination has been heightened, not diminished, over the past 50 years.

South Williamsport Coach Cory Goodman summed up the team and the achievement perfectly:

“These girls have worked hard all year. They will look back and be happy that they made it here. The sun will come up tomorrow.”

The sun will not only come up tomorrow for these girls, it will grow brighter with the passage of time, in recognition of their achievement. On the long road to Portland, they were sometimes dominant and always competitive, winning their way to the biggest show their sport has to offer.

And in the process, they represented our region with pride and class.

Great job, South Siders.