Allocations show the safety net served by the local United Way

The Lycoming County United Way recently announced allocation of $1,107,000 to various programs for the fiscal year that began July 1.

The most essential thing to know is that this is money raised from you and by you that goes to people who need it the most. And that may include you.

It certainly includes your neighbor or a friend or a family member who needs some sort of health, education or financial stability service provided by a program partner.

Perhaps it’s the services to the blind and sight impaired provided by North Central Sight Services. Maybe it’s the counseling services provided by Diakon Family Life Services.

Or it’s the broad array of programs offered through the American Rescue Workers and the services that have become staples of our critical social services net in recent years — Saving Grace Emergency Shelter, Family Promise, Journey House, Liberty House, Wise Options.

Or it’s an emergency need met by the American Red Cross or Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

These programs have a few things in common — they are all desperately needed, they make our community stronger and they operate on shoestring budgets.

In other words, they need the community support that United Way is built around. That was true for the funds allocated this summer and it will be true in the new campaign that will lead up to allocations next summer.

If you gave, thank you. You are doing something special for someone in your community.

If you did not, take a look in the mirror. Appreciate your own good fortune and the misfortune of others and change the pattern today.

The United Way annual giving appeal provides an opportunity for all of us to be a hero.

Don’t miss it. The community safety net, which seems to get broader by the day, is counting on you.