Campaign for new Bookmobiles

“Smaller, more efficient vehicles with people who care.”

That’s the goal of the James V. Brown Library as it looks to raise half a million dollars to upgrade its Bookmobile.

And we use the word “upgrade” loosely here. In fact, the library would like to replace its large bus-like Bookmobile purchased in 2010 with three smaller vehicles that could spread library services farther than ever.

The new fleet of smaller vehicles will continue to take library services out to rural areas, childcare centers and senior facilities, and it would be able to get to even more places. The library serves 29 childcare facilities with the Storymobile, for instance, and another 20 would like to participate in the program, according to Barbara McGary, library executive director.

She sees a near future where two of the smaller vehicles will continue to operate both Bookmobile and Storymobile programs, currently offered through just one vehicle. Plus, a third vehicle would serve the rural population and area workforce. As McGary put it, this expansion will allow the library to provide “a greater depth” of services.

This won’t happen overnight. It will take a great deal of community support — half a million dollars worth — and a couple of years to pull it off.

“This is so different than what we’ve ever done before,” she said.

It’s a new approach that will serve the community well. It will serve an aging population that may have difficulty traveling but who still like to read. And it will encourage a younger generation to connect with the written word and to develop a lifelong habit of reading — important considerations at both ends of the age spectrum.

We encourage those who believe that reading is important to dig into their pockets and support the library’s Bookmobile campaign.


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