Sale of golf course property

Three hundred homes.

In a scenic area.

With easy access to Route 15.

Ten minutes from Williamsport.

That sounds like the makings of a pretty attractive housing subdivision.

And in a nutshell, that’s what the Lycoming County Commissioners are mulling. They are unanimously in favor of selling outlying land at the White Deer Golf Complex for housing development.

The move would bolster the inventory of available residential property in the county, specifically in the Montgomery area.

And the revenue from sale of the land could eliminate remaining debt at the golf course.

If the plan works out that way, we will all be wondering why it wasn’t done sooner. If makes that much sense.

What the commissioners have not unanimously determined is the future scale of the White Deer Golf Complex.

Should it remain as it is today? Without a debt payoff in the budget, can it become self-sustaining? Because of chronic budget operations woes, should it be scaled back beyond the outlying land proposal?

Those answers don’t seem clear, but the commissioners need to quickly find them, as new membership dues are supposed to paid soon. People need to know what sort of golf facility they are paying to use.

And taxpayers need to know that the golf complex is going to stop being a drain on public funding.

Selling off the outlying land makes sense. We would think the prospect would be attractive to land developers.

The second half of the proposition — a public golf complex that can be a fiscal success — remains largely elusive.


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