Teens with guns need to wake up to deadly reality

What is going on?

Yet more incidents of gun violence, yet more young people — older teenagers — facing police charges, yet more stress on people trying to live peaceably, yet more negativity about this beautiful city.

It was reassuring to see police take swift action this week with the apprehension and arrests of three suspects on illegal gun charges, and — against one of the three — attempted homicide. This went down just a few days after and in connection with a mid-day shooting at Wildwood Boulevard and High Street.

Police allege one of the three arrested Monday shot at a group of people as they were playing basketball this past Friday.

One of those who was targeted by the gunfire on Monday allegedly was found with a firearm with an obliterated serial number, and police said he claimed to be carrying it to protect himself from whoever shot at him while he was playing ball.

That 18-year-old who allegedly fired the shots — and luckily missed — also was taken into custody, charged and jailed without bail.

It would be one thing if this were an isolated incident, but there’s been too much gun violence in this city in recent months, too many guns in the hands of too many young people who seem to believe that it is alright to solve their issues by taking deadly aim at one another.

They might as well have turned the guns on themselves as this sort of senseless violence will only ruin their lives.

But we don’t suggest that. We would rather suggest they wake up and realize there are better ways.

If it were only that simple.


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