We remember this fateful day

Today, we remember.

We remember the 2,977 honorable people who died on American soil some 18 years ago today.

We remember the police and firefighters and how they rushed in, putting the welfare of thousands ahead of their own. Many of them joined those who died as the twin towers fell, images viewed around the world, images that are impossible to forget. Many of the first responders at Ground Zero — reportedly over 1,400 — have since died as a result of that horrific day.

We remember the souls on the four airplanes — two that struck the twin towers, one that struck the Pentagon and Flight 93 that went down over Shanksville — in the last moments of their lives.

We remember the brave men who took control of Flight 93 before it crashed. Who can forget the words, “Let’s roll,” as they took action that spared what certainly would have been even more deaths?

We also remember those who responded to the scenes of the attacks in the days, weeks and months after, as well as the young men and women who lined up in droves to join the military and serve our country after this fateful day. We remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation as a direct result of that day.

No, this is not a day we will soon forget.

We will always remember what happened and why it is important that we overcome the evil that caught us off guard that day.

Today, we should all stand united in a moment of silence and reflect on that day.

Today, we remember.