Volunteers key in fight against food insecurity

Are you hungry?

If not, be happy that you are not among the one in 10 central Pennsylvanians, or one in six children, who struggles with hunger, according to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

How can that be the case in the United States of America, where the great dream is home ownership, prosperity, a decent shot at a good life? Certainly, hunger should not be something that continues in modern America.

But it does.

Enter the local Food Bank, which has a mission to ease the hunger, to erase food insecurity. A few years back, it announced its “bold goal to end hunger” by 2025. That is the year it “hopes to provide enough nutritious food to everyone struggling with hunger in each of the 27 counties” it serves.

It would appear to be well on its way.

A team from the Sun-Gazette recently volunteered at the local facility and received an eye-opening tour of it as well. Tucked away on Wahoo Drive, the 29,000-square-foot warehouse is a busy hub of activity. Between it and another site at Harrisburg, more than 135,000 people receive food donations each month.

Helping to spread the Food Bank’s resources have been many volunteer groups — 7,700 individuals last year gave 72,000 hours of their time to the cause, packing boxes of nutritious food on a daily basis to send out for distribution to those in need.

These people are our friends and neighbors and include children and senior citizens, military veterans and working families whose income just isn’t enough to put nutritious meals on the table.

The Food Bank cannot do it alone. It needs volunteers and donations to carry out its mission. In short, it needs you.


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