Agencies that care enrich our lives, deserve support

When people find themselves in need just about anywhere in the West Branch Valley, a network of social service agencies is in place to offer them a hand up.

The approaching holiday season also will bring a variety of requests to make special days a bit brighter for the young and old as well as those in need.

Special Thanksgiving dinners will be served by agencies, churches and other groups with giving hearts. Boxes of food for holiday meals in December and gifts of toys for children will be assembled and distributed. These extra bits of help will aim to ensure that nobody is forgotten during the holidays.

We are fortunate to live in a region that has so many caring people. For these social resources, we are most thankful.

We also recognize that the nonprofit world has changed with the times and that raising funds to support their individual missions has become more of a challenge than ever before. The holidays make an excellent time to provide a gift to any of our local agencies, whether it be a donation by check or credit card, a deposit of loose change or bills into a bell-ringing Santa’s chimney or kettle, or a commitment of support for the Lycoming County United Way.

We’re confident your gifts will be put to good use.


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