Alliance with naysayers would stunt our future energy progress

A Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative with other states has a nice sound to it.

Unfortunately, Gov. Wolf’s initiative requires a brotherhood with states such as New York and New Jersey that are not on the same energy page as Pennsylvania.

Those states are not friendly with the state’s marketing attempts with natural gas, even though the industry has proven over the past decade to be a responsible, environmentally safe producer of energy.

Why should Pennsylvania surrender its control of natural gas production to those states, which have done nothing but get in the way of needed energy progress over the past decade?

And, by the way, those states and others in the initiative are not doing the job environmentally that Pennsylvania is. The nine states in the initiative have reduced carbon emissions by 17 percent since 2009, while Pennsylvania has reduced carbon emissions by 28 percent.

The state has done that without government mandates.

Pennsylvania probably is capable of designing a greenhouse gas initiative on its own, according to state Sen. Gene Yaw, a Loyalsock Republican who is head of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. He is opposed to joining the regional initiative.

The senator said it would make more sense to work with Ohio and West Virginia on a regional greenhouse plan given that those states are gas producers that have much in common from an energy standpoint than the others.

That is so true. New York State has done little more than get in the way of natural gas progress over the past decade, trumpeting a battery of environmental falsehoods about the industry.

Pennsylvania can be proud of its progress as an energy producer over the past decade, an achievement that has come with the correct level of attention toward the environment.

An alliance with the likes of New York State’s head-in-the-sand posture is not necessary to continue that progress.