Cutters don’t belong on the MLB’s minor league chopping list

The Williamsport Crosscutters are on the list of 42 Minor League Baseball teams that could be eliminated by Major League Baseball as part of its downsizing and geographic shuffling of minor franchises.

We find it somewhat ironic that the Crosscutters home at Bowman Field is the site of an annual Major League Baseball game during the Little League World Series and yet it is on the chopping block.

The facility is historic and has been upgraded several times in recent years. The franchise is located within close proximity of its parent club, the Philadelphia Phillies, which MLB says it desires.

Logically, Williamsport does not belong on the Minor League Baseball casualty list. We hope, as Major League Baseball looks more closely as its downsizing plan, it will reach the logical conclusion that one of its most storied minor league affiliations should remain intact.


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