Family and friends not to be forgotten on national holiday

A moment to breathe — a moment to share with family and friends.

That’s what we are thankful for today.

We are thankful for this day that will bring people to gather around our Thanksgiving dinner tables.

Family is paramount, as are good friends.

Today is a day about being together, about opening our homes to those who may otherwise be alone, about giving thanks for all that we have. Today is a day to come together, to set aside our differences and be grateful that we do, indeed, have each other.

We are so fortunate to be living in modern America, to have all of the conveniences we enjoy in this age — we should not lose sight of just how fortunate we are as a people.

Individually, too, we may get so busy with our everyday lives that we find ourselves hard pressed to find time to just relax and be with the people who are really important to us — another reason to be grateful for this holiday.

Our wish for all of our Sun-Gazette readers today, and for everyone, really, is that you be with someone special — friends, family or even a near stranger who cares enough to invite you in — that your tables be filled with people around them, a meal in the middle to share.

May your conversations be lively but filled with laughter and love. May the family squabbles be placed on a back burner. May our technology be silenced for the meal. And may we all be thankful when we remember to save room for some pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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