Food on the table: How often do we take it for granted?

We should all be grateful for food on the table, but how often do we take our food supply for granted?

Food insecurity is an issue for many people, including senior citizens and children, among the most vulnerable members of our society.

One in 10 people and one in six children go hungry in Pennsylvania, according to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, which serves 135,000 people in need each month.

We would be remiss to talk about our food supply without mentioning our farmers and their struggles. Dairy farmers, in particular, have been hit hard, with falling milk prices that make it tough to stay in business. The U.S. Census of Agriculture indicates there were 10 percent fewer farms in Pennsylvania in 2017, the year it was taken, than in 2012. It also indicates that 98 percent of the state’s farms are family owned.

As we approach Thanksgiving and prepare for the family feast, it’s a good time to remember the farmers who feed us. And it’s also a good time to support a local food pantry or food drive or to volunteer for a few hours at the Food Bank.


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