Get out and vote; arm yourselves with information

It’s been said that what goes around, comes around. Some people call it karma.

Karma means “action, effect, fate,” according to Sanskrit. What we do may be of great consequence.

So our decisions are not to be taken lightly when we go to the polls on Tuesday.

At stake are a great number of local offices. Voters in every municipality and township, in every school district and in every county, will be asked to select people to make critical decisions that affect all of us where we live.

Among the major races here in Lycoming County are those for key county posts, including commissioner. Williamsport voters have many options, as well, including council and mayor. Every township will seat at least one supervisor. Leadership in boroughs and school boards will be shaped. The list of decisions goes on.

These are important decisions that will have ripple effects over the next four years.

Many qualified candidates fill our ballots, and even others have stepped forward and asked that voters cast write-in ballots with their names on them.

We’re not about to tell you how to vote. But we will encourage you to do your homework, learn something about the candidates, and make informed decisions.

Along the way, pay some respect to those brave enough, willing enough, to step into public life. Anyone who is elected, at the end of the day, opens themselves up to the scrutiny of the people they serve, but they do it — or they should do it — for the public good.

We wish all of the candidates the best on election day.

And beyond encouraging people to get out and cast their votes, we wish for the local electorate to make smart, informed decisions.

Spend some time today reflecting on what you’ve seen in the past year, weigh the issues and where the candidates stand. Arm yourselves wisely with information for Tuesday, for your actions, your votes, will affect all of us in the immediate future.

These are big decisions. There’s a lot and stake, and there are many people willing to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. They have done their parts by stepping forward and campaigning.

Now it’s all up to you, the voters. Time to make some decisions — then get out on Tuesday and vote!


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