Great teachers populate our region’s schools

Each Thursday in the Education section of the Sun-Gazette, we read reports about youngsters who have been named Students of the Month.

We read stories about the positive activities that are happening in local schools throughout the region.

We look at photos that show students involved in learning.

And we know that in every classroom, those students are being impacted by their teachers.

Schools provide the backbone for learning, and teachers bring the muscle. Without them, who knows where or what our children would be learning.

We are fortunate to have strong schools and dedicated teachers who help usher our children through their formative years so that they may become productive members of society.

Unfortunately, the struggle our local schools have is real. They deal with monetary issues, just like every other aspect of society, and mandates that at times seem to detract from the basics of schooling the young, but they don’t let us down when it comes to turning out a top-notch product — the education of our children.

As we approach Thanksgiving, it is only appropriate for us, as a community, to express our gratitude to the educators who consistently give of themselves for the betterment of our young ones. We need to remember that they are partners with parents in bringing up the next generation and support them in their efforts.


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