‘Neighbors’ starts two weeks of why we are so thankful

Neighbors. Some you may get to know well. Others, a passing “Hello” or a friendly smile. And then there are those who keep to themselves for any number of reasons — until the day you find yourself in need.

Who hasn’t experienced something — a tree too big to move single-handedly is blown down; a heavy snow falls or a street floods; worse yet, a fire breaks out — and been met by others extending a helping hand? It’s at moments like these that we are reminded that we are not truly alone, that there are people just outside the door.

It’s two weeks until Thanksgiving. Starting today and leading up to the national holiday, the Sun-Gazette hopes to focus on just a few of the reasons we have to be thankful.

Today we are thankful for good neighbors, great ones and silent ones — neighbors who are always there.


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