People make our region special

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Life in these parts is pretty special, and a big part of that is our people.

We are a region filled with people who come together when they see a need. They build, they support, they care about others, from friends and family to neighbors and perfect strangers.

We’ve watched over the years as countless efforts have been successful because of the people who live here.

Our downtown could have been left to continue its decay — except for the energies and commitment of many who cared enough to rehabilitate eyesores and contribute to its overall renaissance. Likewise, many of the smaller communities throughout the region have seen improvements that make them more appealing places to live and do business.

And when somebody is in need, our people do not fail to step forward and extend a helping hand. This, too, contributes to the charm of our rural region, an area brimming with hopes for the future and minds ready to seek solutions that are needed today.

We are thankful for the positive mindset that permeates the valley and the can-do attitude of its people.


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