Police, fire, first responders bring courage to the job

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Only the courageous need apply.

That could be part of the help wanted ad for anyone entering emergency services. They respond when others take cover. They run in when others struggle to escape. They face the aftermath with a steadfast nature that few among us could summon. They are a rare breed.

There is much talk in government circles, particularly this time of year, about providing these essential services, particularly those that are paid. And there is much concern for the future of those essential services that are provided by volunteers, particularly as the volunteer pool becomes ever smaller.

We need to face the facts — the current model may not be sustainable for much longer, but we are always going to want and need able police, fire and rescue personnel. It only makes sense that we work together to get over obstacles of our own making and regionalize these services and ensure their continuation. All communities throughout the region need to work together to ensure that we successfully navigate a path to the future.

We are encouraged by the movement of late toward police regionalization in different geographic areas. With regard to volunteer fire companies, we would like to see more effort toward regionalization and a meaningful exploration of concepts such as combined paid and volunteer departments that serve a greater area and are there when they are needed.

For those who continue to serve, thank you for your valuable service to our communities. We are grateful for your dedication, your hard work and your courage.


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