Sale of some golf course property is long overdue

The Lycoming County Commissioners recently took a giant step toward the sale of some property at the White Deer Golf Complex with the hiring of an engineering firm to survey 70 acres of land for development at the complex.

The survey of five parcels at the golf course is a practical and long overdue step, in our view.

The hope is that selling the land for housing development could eliminate debt at the golf course and bolster the Montgomery area’s tax base.

Actually, it’s more than a hope. It’s a likelihood. Commissioner Tony Mussare said potential buyers have already contacted county offices about the land after finding out the commissioners were pursuing the idea of selling property at the golf complex.

The time has long since passed for the county to be shouldering debt at the golf course.

Before the land is sold, the commissioners need to better define what the future will look like at the White Deer Golf Complex. Where is this land on the complex property? What will be left for golfing? Taxpayers and golfers want and deserve details on both of those questions.

But there’s not much to debate on the root issue of whether to sell off some of the property in an attractive area for housing development, with a clear prospect of generating revenue to pay off a county debt.

It’s time.

And it’s been time for awhile.


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