The very best government is small government

Many local governments and other taxing authorities across Pennsylvania who work on a calendar year-basis are in the final stages of adopting their 2020 budgets.

We know many go through a long and sometimes excruciating process of evaluating costs, revenues, personnel, services … you name it.

They had better do that.

Elected officials in our boroughs, cities, townships and those serving on other entities that impose fees or charges are reminded that the best kind of government is the most efficient and least costly government.

Yes, critical public services must be properly funded and people clamor for services they subjectively deem important.

No doubt, it is a tough balancing act.

But an overriding approach should be to streamline services.

And we strongly encourage municipalities to partner — collaborate — with neighboring municipalities and counties.

Money can be saved and important services enhanced through partnerships and shared services, not to mention investment in the right kind of technology.

Labor contracts must be affordable to taxpayers.

We firmly believe in fair compensation for workers and merit-based pay increases to keep people accountable to their responsibilities as public servants.

We emphasize “public.”

Clearly, the best government is small government.


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