United Way tries innovative way to raise funds

The Lycoming County United Way has set an ambitious goal of $1,612,126 for its current fundraising campaign, a dollar more than the most ever raised.

The goal comes along with some significant changes in the way the local campaign is raising its money. According to United Way leadership, the three-month, fall campaign approach used for decades has morphed into much more of a year-round effort.

That seems like a more realistic approach for 2019.

A new emphasis on raising more money through special events also makes more sense to us. The days when the United Way could raise its money mostly through workplace campaigns appear to be gone, though that can work in some circumstances.

We appreciate the can-do spirit of the goal and the approach and hope the organization can substantially outdo the $1.2 million raised last year.

That’s largely up to you. Know that the dollars you give to United Way help the young and old, poor and handicapped, and are used to fill the gaps of misfortune that need to be filled.

That part has never changed.


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