As 2020 dawns, we wish for year of perfect vision

One fifth of this century has passed. It has been an era of terror and reinvention.

Our challenges have been among the greatest in the history of mankind. Our advantages, too, have been among the greatest in the history of the world.

Yet we wake up every day to a newer and even seemingly more insurmountable problem.

So we hope. We pray.

We look for leadership to help us navigate the issues, and survive.

We look for a kinder and gentler world, though we have to face confrontation with an equally solid will to overcome.

We look for leadership with fresh approaches that will help us to achieve that kinder and gentler world where even the old can live out their lives without feeling the threat of poverty in the end.

Yes, one fifth of this century has passed, as if in the blink of an eye for the older generations among us. So much is different. Now another decade, the ’20s, begins.

One century ago, they called it the Roaring ’20s.

But we want to know, what will they call this particular year, 2020, in the end?

Will it be the year of perfect vision?

Perhaps not. But we can dream. Dreams do become reality sometimes, after all.

To that we wish you a happy, healthy and hopefully blissfully perfect new year. Sweet dreams tonight, for tomorrow we all have work to do if we are to achieve this vision.


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