Election promises take center stage with today’s oaths

Today we start fresh.

Dozens of officials elected to local public offices — townships, boroughs, city and county — will take the oath of office during an inaugural ceremony at 10 a.m. today at the Community Arts Center, 220 W. Fourth St. The new officials will be administered their oaths by county court judges.

There will be plenty of pomp and patriotism, with performances by the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra and soloist Alexis Carnevale, a city resident and student at Bloomsburg University who will sing the National Anthem. Korean War veteran Howard Wilt and the Marine Corps League color guard will present the colors. The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag will be led by Isaac Schriner, an Eagle Scout and senior at Loyalsock Township High School.

There will be prayers and a keynote address, and their will be promises — promises to fulfill the duties of the various offices according to the law. Today we look to those elected to promise to put the interests of the people of our communities and county before their personal interests and, in short, to be loyal public servants.

We look to them to work for the greater good, to advance our communities in ways that make sense while not placing extra burdens on the citizenry, to protect our neighborhoods and preserve our way of life, to remember the common person while not stepping on his or her freedoms.

The challenges ahead will be great, as they seldom are easy. But we trust that we’ve elected a hardy set of officials who are up to the task ahead. We look forward to hearing innovative solutions to our problems, to seeing steady hands guiding our collective ship.

Good luck to those to whom we’ve entrusted the guidance of our local communities. Today the honeymoon begins. We pray that a year from now we will see strong marriages of leadership with heart have been formed.


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