It’s a slam dunk at Picture Rocks elementary school

“I can’t wait for Friday basketball.”

That’s what the sixth-graders are saying out loud at Ferrell Elementary School in Picture Rocks these days.

It’s not about the game, though. It’s about the team and sense of belonging that takes place during a Friday lunchtime basketball game with teacher Chris Davis.

Davis goes beyond the books and chalkboards with his students. At the end of each school day, as the youngsters are leaving, he shakes the hand of each student and tells them one thing they did great that day. And he gives each of his students one small thing to work on the next day.

He makes each of his students feel like they are the most important person in the world, and the kids eat it up.

Every child should be so fortunate to have a teacher like Chris Davis. Every person, regardless of age, could do with the sort of life lesson he is delivering in his classroom.

Hey, today’s Friday. Let’s all get in on the game.


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