Mayor Slaughter aims to effect change in city

We love when good history is made.

It’s a sign, we believe, of progress and the inevitable — change.

We congratulate new city Mayor Derek Slaughter upon taking the oath of office.

In a ceremonial inauguration Monday at City Hall, Mayor Slaughter promised to lead an inclusive administration and to correct what he perceives to be financial irregularities in city government.

“Today is the day we change the direction and history of our city,” Slaughter said. “We must get our financial house in order.”

He vowed to lead an as-of-yet unnamed administration to work with City Council, businesses, community organizations, schools, churches and not-for-profits. Many people are anxious to know which direction he will guide the city and city business.

We’ll watch with great interest during his honeymoon period to see how it all comes together. We will be particularly interested in seeing how the new mayor and the new council get along and how well they will be able to work together to accomplish the new mayor’s goals.

Politics, after all, isn’t fun, particularly in this day and age of social media, which has contributed to unfair rancor — and far too much of it.

It takes a thick skin to hold a high-profile office.

But it also takes a huge dose of humility. That’s a good thing for any human being.

Humility breeds character.

It teaches you how to shed the useless and focus on what’s right and good.

It motivates you to be self-effacing, to see drama for what it is.

We remind you: We’re talking about politics.

On the national level, our political scene has turned into a circus, thus the majority of citizens’ frustration and anger over the establishment.

As the dictionary says, politics is the “science or art of political government” and “the practice or profession of conducting political affairs.”

But our definition would be more like: “The motivation to serve the public good.”

It should be that simple.


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