These next few months will need share of patience

So here we are, the warmth of the holidays has given way to the cold of January, and we go into winter survival mode.

Do we have enough food in the pantry to weather what we know will be periods of cold and ice? Have we shored up our living spaces, making them impenetrable to the harsh forces of nature? Have we ordered heating oil or saved up to pay for the higher utility bills that come with this time of year, along with the annual property tax bills that come in a short few months?

Basics of life. Here we are — winter again. Another January in north central Pennsylvania.

And here we are again, another January following a local election year.

New people are taking their seats on our local governing bodies. New voices that want to be heard. We should take the time to get to know them a bit by watching their actions in office and listening to what they have to say before passing judgment.

Sure, we all have our wants — and needs. But we need to be mindful that the message does not get drowned out by the din.

We need to believe that those elected by the majority to do the people’s work — including many new office holders — have the will to accomplish the people’s work. But it is true, the wheels of progress do turn slowly.

We hope that the wheels gain momentum this year and progress is made on many public projects, from economic development to better streets and safer bridges to greater access to facilities ranging from local parks to City Hall — the list goes on.

But back to that January checklist, do we have enough resources — and patience — to get us through the winter?


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