Applause for White Deer, Billy Casper for turning around public golf course

Officials and staff at the White Deer Golf Course are to be commended after finishing 2019 in the black after years of ending with a deficit.

Much credit is due to Billy Casper Golf, which took over management of the county asset in 2017. That year, the deficit was $93,942. By 2018, Billy Casper had pared the deficit to $44,619.

Then, in 2019, White Deer ended the year with a $9,856 profit — this at a time when the sport of golf is said to be in decline around the country.

“When we took over management four years ago, the golf course was losing a significant amount of money,” said Chris Strand, regional manager of Billy Casper Golf.

Improved efficiencies and better marketing have served the local golf course, which was named Billy Casper Regional Facility of the Year for 2019, well.

This is certainly good news for the legions of golfers in the region who like to play at White Deer.

It wasn’t that long ago that there were whispers that the facility was destined for closure, and that would have been sad for us as a community.

Sure, some question why the county maintains a public golf course, particularly when it operates at a deficit. As a community, it’s important that there are a variety of recreational facilities available for everyone to enjoy. The local inventory should include numerous offerings — walking and bicycling trails, parks and playgrounds, pools, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, football and soccer fields, skate parks, dog parks and, yes, even a golf course.

There should be something in the mix for everyone. Whether you use it or not, having a county facility of this nature contributes to our overall quality of life. And the fact that the balance sheet isn’t showing red — that there will, indeed, be green of different shades on the course — is good news for everyone.

Our hats are off to Billy Casper and everyone who has dedicated themselves to improving the White Deer Golf Course and its bottom line for a job well done — keep up the good work!


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