Racism’s ugly stain difficult to remove from societal fabric

There was a time when a nasty note sent from student to student might be intercepted by a teacher and appropriate action taken. Nobody but those involved would see it.

But this is 2020. Social media rules a student population raised on technology.

Jersey Shore Area School District recently had to deal with a video circulated on social media depicting a small group of district students engaged in “racist and vulgar comments.”

This is disappointing to hear, and it is foolhardy to think this sort of thing is reflective of some sort of mindset exclusive to the Jersey Shore Area School District.

The fact is, the ugly stain of racism is difficult to remove from the fabric of our society. Modern technology does nobody any favors toward that end.

We live in a time when youths are playing violent video games with overtones of dominance and tribalism on a broad platform of electronic gadgets before the age of 10.

For many young people, the electronic device of choice has become their most valuable possession, and there’s no close second.

There are, of course, many learning benefits that come with this technology age.

But it’s impossible to keep the negative side of this information overload from infecting some youths and young adults.

For parents, this episode highlights the importance of policing their children’s online experience and social media sites.

Tireless vigilance is needed, at home as well as in our schools, to move us into a better future where hatred and those who espouse racist attitudes are nothing more than a stain on the past.


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