Our heroes, our feeders, caring for our children

Our hearts are touched this morning by the sight of firefighters preparing sandwiches for school children who are waiting out the COVID-19 virus at home.

We have long viewed firefighters as heroes. We have long heard of firefighters making meals to feed the whole firehouse while standing ready to respond at a moment’s notice to emergencies in the community. Now they are stepping up and preparing bag lunches for school-aged children who normally would eat cafeteria lunches had the schools not been closed.

Along with a bag lunch, the Williamsport Bureau of Fire is feeding youngsters some fire safety and prevention information and offering home safety visits and smoke alarm installations. We wonder how many youngsters who visit the firehouse to pick up a bag lunch will be inspired to grow up to become firefighters themselves.

Theirs is not the only effort to continue providing food to students while school is suspended. Local school districts, many businesses and non-profit organizations have stepped in to provide at least one meal for students. All the students have to do is show up and they will be provided with lunch.

Participants have included Mel’s Deli and Cafe, Montoursville; Park Pizza; Joe’s Pizza; Marks Family Restaurant, Lycoming Creek Road; South Side Restaurant and Pizzeria, South Williamsport; Erb’s West End Market; Leo’s Pizzeria; Maseto’s Deli; Derone’s Dynamite Dogs; Trail Inn; Acme Barbecue; Peg and Bill’s Diner; Pizza Hut; Cole’s Coffee, Montgomery; Oval Country Store; The New Love Center at Trinity United Methodist Church, Jersey Shore; Pizza to Go, Jersey Shore, and the American Rescue Workers.

This is important because many students rely on the schools to provide at least one — if not two — meals a day through the school year. Proper nutrition is key to a healthy future for them.

Our hats are off today to everyone who is going the extra mile to feed the kids.