Sight of orange today may be welcome vision

Did you ever think you ever would be happy to see the orange cones return to area highways?

Well, get ready as this week they should be back.

The state Department of Transportation has indicated that it will resume activities related to a host of highway projects this week. The city street crews, also, are ready to get back to work today with street patching.

As Adam Winder, city streets and parks general manager, noted less traffic on the road right now as people continue to observe stay-at-home orders means safer working conditions for anyone working on a street or highway project. That makes this week an opportune time to restart projects that have been on hold.

“It gets people back to work in safer environments,” Winder observed.

We are all for safer environments, just as much as we are ready to see people get back to work — safely.

Seeing some people return to public job sites is a visible sign that we may be about to awaken from our COVID-19 slumber of the past seven weeks.

And while normally we are not thrilled by the site of a construction zone, we just might think differently about it now.

In fact, we might think differently about all sorts of stuff. Our minds, as with our world, have been shifted into another gear in the past seven weeks. We have been told to expect a new normal. We have slowed the frenetic pace of competition. And we all wonder what the future holds.

For the most part, we have come together, now forever bonded by this experience and a new knowledge of how quickly life can change.

So prepare to change lanes, and please, please, please hold back on the temptation to yell at that vehicle in front of you. There is no need for road rage after spending so much time self-isolating at home.

Instead, let’s just be grateful when the road is open again.


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