This is the start of the next chapter of local journalism

You may think you are reading the final Sunday edition of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, and to a degree, you are correct. This is the final Sunday in which a multiple-section edition of this newspaper, complete with circulars and coupons, arrives on the doorstep of subscribers.

But this is not the end of our biggest edition of the week, just a shift to a day earlier when an even bigger paper will be produced.

The new Saturday-Sunday edition will include everything we are including in both days but in a bigger Saturday edition.

The combined edition will include not only our Sunday content such as Health, Business and Lifestyle, but also Saturday staples, including the weekly Religion section and Saturday crossword puzzle. The new Saturday-Sunday edition will also include the Sunday crossword, plus a new page of puzzles such as Sudoku and Cryptoquip and horoscopes for both days. Readers will still get Lottery results from both days, though Saturday’s drawings will be reported in the Monday edition.

And what about sports?

We have been contacted by multiple people who have not been happy by an absence of live sports to read about. With the pandemic, the athletic community has been shut down. But that did not stop our sports reporters, who have gotten creative in their drive to provide continued sports reading. They are eager to get back out as soon as traditional athletic events resume, covering local games and relaying all of the excitement.

We anticipate returning to a robust sports section as soon as that happens, and anticipate this will make our new Saturday-Sunday edition even better.

In a way, it may feel like we are stepping back to 1990, when the Williamsport Sun-Gazette was a six-day afternoon newspaper. Much has changed in the past 30 years. Since 1990, we have gone from a black-and-white newspaper to one featuring full color, from a six-day afternoon to a seven-day morning publication.

Indeed, much has changed over the Sun-Gazette’s storied history dating to 1801. Change is a constant in life, just as reporting the news of the day has been a constant over the past 219 years of this newspaper’s existence.

We remain dedicated to our tradition of local community journalism and to serving you, our readers.

From that perspective, it’s not the end, just the start of the next chapter. We invite you to turn the page with us.


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