Back in the green may mean return to better grooming

Now that we’ve entered the green phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, surely the salons, barbershops and hairdressers are booking appointments like never before.

We’ve heard the complaints of roots in need of color and hair that’s grown longer than normal, while others have brushed off these conditions while we were in lock down.

Where was there to go and be seen, after all?

One thing we’ve noticed that doesn’t make as much sense, though, are the number of men suddenly sporting beards.

Was it a side effect of everyone wearing masks while venturing out in public — why shave when the mask covers it all? We’re not quite sure, but we have noticed the scruffiness.

Perhaps we should start a beard-growing contest before too much shaving commences and donate the proceeds to charity. There will be a need to find alternate forms of entertainment this summer, after all, given the amount of cherished annual events that have been canceled.

At any rate, as people start to emerge from their springtime slumber, we’re sure to see a return to some good old-fashioned grooming. And the salons and barbershops, we hope, will be back in the green.


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