A single season of baseball may be small sacrifice

We suspected this would happen. Now it’s official. The Crosscutters will not play this summer at Bowman Field.

“This is the epiphany and realization of where we are. And in a practical sense, it was the only thing to do,” said Pat O’Conner, Minor League Baseball president and CEO, in making the announcement that the 2020 season officially has been canceled.

By the time the announcement came, the local season had been delayed, and officials continued to hold out hope for a shortened season this summer.

While baseball fans may have longed to go to a game, the fact that the ballpark will remain closed this summer likely comes as a blessing.

By now we all have been schooled on the dangers of large gatherings because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

And on the heels of the July 4 holiday, concerns again are running high over holiday events in which social distancing, masking and preventing the spread of the coronavirus were dismissed by far too many people.

The number of cases continues to rise, and it’s not just in nursing homes anymore.

Now young people are being infected in bigger numbers.

We do not look forward to the numbers that will come out in the days and weeks ahead. We do not want to see a surge in cases in Pennsylvania, let alone our region.

Patience is the virtue that may spare many. One season of baseball is a small sacrifice.

The good news on the baseball front is that the Crosscutters should be back in 2021, reportedly because of the sacrifice of its ownership group, Trinity Sports Holdings, and Peter Freund, principal owner, who have made a commitment to bringing the team back next year.

What it will look like, though, is yet to be determined. The Professional Baseball Agreement between Minor League and Major League Baseball expires in September, and even before the pandemic, there had been concerns that the local team could be one of 42 teams to be cut. Also expiring this year is the Crosscutters’ Player Development Contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Nonetheless, Gabe Sinicropi, vice president of marketing for the Crosscutters, remains confident. While he does not know what local baseball will look like next year, he said it will be back.

By then, let’s hope it’s safe to gather again.


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