City has correct priority when it comes to sidewalks

Sidewalks are off the slate.

That’s the latest word out of City Hall about plans announced at the end of 2017 to start a sidewalk inspection program, similar to Loyalsock Township. Inspections began in April 2018 and were expected to take up to seven years.

Now those inspections will be delayed — and this certainly should be welcome news for city residents with broken and unlevel concrete in front of their homes but who also are experiencing the financial pinch of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of replacing sidewalks can run in the thousands and be about as much as the combined amount of all three tax bills — municipal, school district and county.

Add to that record unemployment that suggests there may be trouble ahead for many people who may struggle more than ever to pay these taxes. They do not need to further compound their problems by codes officials insisting they spend money they may not have on new sidewalks.

Now the city is saying it’s not their “top priority” right now. It’s good to hear they realize the burden this places on struggling homeowners, particularly at this time.


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