Local museums could use support to weather virus

It will take some time for us all to get used to the “new normal” after the COVID-19 epidemic. One aspect of our lives that should not change — but could — is the variety of museums that educate and entertain us.

Throughout the world, most museums had to close during the height of the pandemic. Financial pressure means that nearly 13 percent of them may never reopen, UNESCO and the International Council of Museums estimate.

The most likely victims are the small, specialized, local museums in many communities.

There are dozens of these small museums in north central Pennsylvania, many specializing in specific subjects that include history, transportation, military heritage, Victorian life, Little League Baseball and much, much more.

Many have reopened for the summer after being closed for a few months because of COVID-19.

And there are plenty of interesting exhibits to be found. The Taber Museum, for instance, is featuring a summer exhibit, “Harley-Davidson vs. Indian Wars,” that includes a collection of 25 vintage motorcycles. Or head to the Peter Herdic Transportation Museum to view a vintage automobile or a 1949 Pullman parlor car. These are just two opportunities to get out and explore.

All of our local museums could use community support, and we hope our readers will make it a point to help ensure these institutions can remain open.

Summer is a great time to visit them and, perhaps through a donation or a reasonably priced ticket, inoculate them against closure.

Just remember your face masks and mind your social distancing.


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