Today we pause in remembrance of 21 lives lost

Today we remember.

In all, 24 years have passed since that fateful day, one of the worst in our area’s history.

On that day, children of the community perished in an instant.

On that day, the community was brought to its knees by our collective grief over this tragedy.

It was the day that 16 young people and five chaperones from Montoursville Area High School perished on TWA Flight 800.

We have vowed to always remember.

But then, how could anyone who was living in this area at the time ever forget? The pain was felt far and wide.

To honor the victims, we suggest you go by the angel that stands as the centerpiece of the Montoursville Memorial Gardens along Broad Street in the borough and send up a prayer for those who were lost that day — and their families.

Please join us today as we remember the students:

Jessica Aikey

Daniel Baszczewski

Michelle Bohlin

Jordon Bower

Monica Cox

Claire Gallagher

Julia Grimm

Rance Hettler

Amanda Karschner

Jody Loudenslager

Cheryl Nibert

Kimberly Rogers

Larissa Uzupis

Jacquelin Watson

Monica Weaver

Wendy Wolfson

And let us also remember the chaperones:

Deborah Dickey, French teacher,

and her husband, Douglas Dickey

Carol Fry, a former school board member

Judy Rupert, high school secretary

Eleanor Wolfson, parent of a student

They will remain “forever in our hearts.”


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